This Week's Fresh Fruit is Red Grapes

As part of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program, Taylor and Gandy Elementary students will have fresh red grapes.  Here are 10 reasons to love red grapes.

  1. Grapes are rich in vitamin K for promoting healthy bones.
  2. Grapes are full of phytonutrients to promote heart health.
  3. Grapes contain nutrients to aid in boosting immunity.
  4.  Grapes provide antioxidant benefits.
  5. Grapes act as an anti-inflammatory food.
  6. Studies show grapes help with blood sugar balance.
  7. Grape extract can help to boost brain power.
  8. Grapes are full of anti-microbial benefits.
  9. Grapes contains nutrients to help prevent certain cancers.
  10. The skin of red grapes is full of vitamins and minerals.