Girls/Boys State

Twelve White Hall Students were chosen as delegates to attend the 2022 Girls and Boys State. The week-long experience teaches students how to engage in local and state government. Students throughout the state are selected to attend based on leadership, character, integrity, and community service.  

Jacob Pham, Zachary Roberts, and Jacob Smith represented White Hall at Boys State.  Harley Bailey, Hannah Blue, Cameron Cobb, Alexandria Collins, Kamara Grider, Kennedy Jackson, Reese Owens, Kadence Williams, and Hannah Wood.

Jacob Pham was elected as Justice of the Peace for Carvell County.  Jacob Smith was elected to the Cantrell City Council. Hannah Blue was chosen as the Thurston City Ward State Convention Member.  Cameron Cobb was elected Fike County Tax Collector. Alexandria Collins was elected to the Doty City Ward. Kennedy Jackson was elected Heath City Treasurer. Reese Owens was named Hutchinson City Attorney and Smith County Clerk. Kadence Williams was elected as the Boozeman County Nationalist Secretary.  Hannah Wood was elected Justice of the Peace for Cotton County.