This week's FFVP Fresh Fruit is White Grapes and Cucumber Slices

White Hall Elementary students are provided a special treat each week as part of the FFVP Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.  This week students will sample white grapes and sliced cucumbers.  Here are a few things that you might not know about grapes and cucumbers.

  • Grape grow on vines that can grow up to 50 feet long! 
  • Grapes are also high in Vitamin C which helps your immune system fight off illnesses. 
  • People have been growing grapes for over 8,000 years.
  • Cucumbers are made up of 95% water! Snacking on cucumbers can also help you feel fuller while hydrating you.
  • Because they grow from a plant blossom (flower) and have seeds, they are technically a fruit. 
  • Cucumbers are a source of potassium, a mineral that supports a healthy heart and muscles.