Boys and Girls State

Nine White Hall students were nominated to represent their community and school at Arkansas Boys State 2023.  William Donham, Payam Garner, Kai Lin, Austin Long, Joshua Meachem, Connor Menard, Joe Moseley, Tucker Neikirk, and Ethan Tomboli attended the 82nd session of Boys State at the University of Central Arkansas. 

Nineteen White Hall students were nominated to represent their community and school at Arkansas Girls State 2023. Laila Adams, Ryan Bullard, Diya Dadlani, Julianne Garner, Ajaiah Harris, Kaejah Hodge, Kaitlyn Lambert, Anna Mathews, Brooklyn Murray, Taylor Nelson, Hannah Owings, Lanie Ratliff, Jerricah Robinson, Kendyl Smith, Mary Caroline Smykla, Taryn South, Ariah Surratt, Jay’Maria Thomas, and Arabella Thyen attended the 80th session of ALA Girls State at Harding University.

Boys and Girls State Delegates are assigned a city, county, and political party.  Throughout the week, delegates administer, from the ground up, a mock government.  They run for office, pass legislation, and solve municipal challenges. Delegates learn how to engage their communities. 

Joe Moseley and Tucker Neikirk were elected to the city council.  Payam Garner, Kai Lin, and Austin Long were elected state representatives. Ethan Tomboli was elected Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court. 

Mary Caroline Smykla and Kaitlyn Lambert were elected county sheriffs. Kaejah Hodge, Kaitlyn Lambert, and Kendyl Smith were elected Aldermen. Brooklyn Murray and Taylor Nelson were elected City Attorneys. Ryan Bullard was elected County Treasurer and City Clerk. Ariah Surrat was elected Mayor.  Anna Mathews was elected County Justice of the Peace and Party Chairman for her city. Taylor Nelson and Anna Mathews were elected Members of the House of Representatives.  Laila Adams and Ajaiah Harris were elected Associate Justices.  Kendyl Smith was elected the State Auditor.  Ajaiah Harris was named Outstanding Delegate.

Congratulations to all of our Boys and Girls State Delegates

2023 Boys State Delegates

2023 Girls State Delegates
Not Pictured: Julianne Garner, Ajaiah Harris, Mary Caroline Smykla, and Araiah Surratt