The educational philosophy of the White Hall School District is…

To serve the needs and interests of each student by providing a quality educational program consisting of curricular and extracurricular activities designed to enhance the strength of the great nation by exerting continuous efforts toward the improvement of the quality of life.

The school district will promote the development of an understanding of the world and inculcate in students a loyalty to the values of a free society. Also, the district will continue to stress the universal human heritage, stimulate and promote ethical and physical development, encourage creative thinking, and contribute to the appreciation and advancement or the arts and sciences.

White Hall School District Technology Plan

The White Hall School District Technology Plan is designed to propel the White Hall School District into the forefront of technology innovation in teaching and learning, as we approach the 21st century. This plan provides both the vision for adding technology to the school system and a detailed blueprint for hardware, software, networking technology, and most importantly, the human resources and staff development needed to make the vision a reality. It calls for the addition of information technologies to classroom, media centers, and administrative offices within the school system. These resources will be tied together by networks within each building, between buildings in the White Hall School District, and out to the wider White Hall community and the world via the international network commonly known as the Internet.

Preparing students for a successful future is the fundamental role of every elementary and secondary educational system. We have become a society of information users, and hence, competence in information processing and in using technology will partially define the success of our graduates. Students need to know how to access and select from an avalanche of information to help them make decisions and solve problems.

Further, students deserve the opportunities afforded by readily available educational computer resources to learn via several senses, possible now because of the multimedia capabilities of today's computers and the burgeoning variety of educational software for every grade level and every discipline. These resources, coupled with access to network resources, make it possible for each student to receive individualized instruction, regardless of the size of the class.

It is vital that we provide the necessary investment to turn the current classroom into an environment for learning in the 21st century .This is particularly important in the White Hall School District, where learning for tomorrow's world requires technology that is not currently found in the majority of our classrooms. In today's information and technological age, this means transforming classrooms into modern settings for learning. This will require: computers and other media related devices and an updated network interconnecting them in all classrooms, media centers, and buildings; access to databases and information sources that will allow our students to develop the information processing skills vital to discovering and understanding new knowledge, resources and personnel critical for the upkeep and management of the technology and appropriate teacher and staff training.