Parent, Family and Community Engagement Plan members and \Nhite Hall School Board understand the importance of involving parents and the community in promoting higher student achievement and collaboration between the district and those it serves. The White Hall District, in collaboration with district and community stakeholders, has committed to a cohesive plan that targets four goals at the district and school level: communication, technology, social-emotional needs, and intervention.

Goal 1
Communication: The Covid 19 pandemic may limit the face to face time that parents and schools have utilized in the past. The committee determined that a system of communication will be used that involves using digital formats for meetings, use of the district website and Facebook page, postal services, and phone calls. Communication includes school events, parent meetings, and teacher/counselor contact information. Technology: Providing teacher and parent training in the use of technology programs that will be used in the 20-21 school year. The district's new website will include how-to videos for accessing and using computer programs and devices.
Social-Emotional: School counselors and mental health service plans address our students' return to school.

Intervention and Academic Progress: Teachers and parents on each campus will work together to address academic deficits that may be identified from time away from on-site instruction. Literacy instruction will be a continued focus for all students. Students support plans include procedures for student intervention teams and frequent discussions of student data through professional learning communities. Each school in the district, in collaboration with parents, develops a Parental Involvement Plan, which includes programs and practices that enhance parental involvement and reflect the specific needs of our students and their families. The district will offer flexible meeting times and encourage parent participation by scheduling activities during the morning and evening, in order to maximize the opportunities for parents to participate in school-related activities. Each district campus will develop and use the School-Parent Compact.

Goal 2
Building Staff Capacity through Training and Technical Assistance

White Hall School District teachers use digital resources to build a library of lessons. The lessons will be utilized to prepare students and parents for pivoting home. Teachers receive ongoing training in digital programs and apps that expand their knowledge in lesson development and implementation. The principal of each school designates one certified staff member to serve as a parent facilitator. The district pays the facilitator. The facilitator conducts an annual parent survey to improve school effectiveness. The survey results are compiled and shared with building staff and parents. Two hours of parental involvement training is required on a rotational year schedule.

Goal 3
Building Parent Capacity
Technology sessions are available for parents to address access to apps, google classroom, google meet, district website, and the Bulldog Virtual school program. Parent communication will include an explanation of instructional data results includes, Renaissance data, formative assessment data, and ACT ASPIRE data. District media specialists provide a guided document for parents on apps, software, google and troubleshooting. Each campus has a parent resource library that provides guidance documents on child rearing practices, academic strategies, and community support agencies.

Goal 4
Reservation and Evaluation
The Parental Engagement plan is evaluated on the school level through surveys and the use of allotted funds to support students and their family's needs. Virtual Learning meetings, Parental Engagement meetings, parent surveys, and phone calls document the progress towards meeting the district's four goals. A minimum of 90% of the 1% of parental involvement funds go to the school with high needs.