Parent, Family and Community Engagement Plan

White Hall School District

Parent, Family and Community Engagement Plan

White Hall School District

Parent, Family and Community Engagement Plan members and The White Hall School Board understands the importance of involving parents and the community as a whole in promoting higher student achievement and general good will between the district and those it serves. Therefore, the district shall strive to develop and maintain the capacity for meaningful and productive parental and community involvement that will result in partnerships that are mutually beneficial to the school, students, parents, and the community. To accomplish this, the district shall work to:Involve parents and the community in the development of the long range planning of the district.

  1. Give the schools in the district the support necessary to enable them to plan and implement effective parental involvement activities.
  2. Have a coordinated involvement program where the involvement activities of the district enhance the involvement strategies of other programs such as Hippy.
  3. Explain to parents and the community the State’s content and achievement standards, state and local student assessments and how the district’s curriculum is aligned with the assessments and how parents can work with the district to improve their child’s academic achievement.
  4. Provide parents with the materials and training they need to be better able to help their child achieve. The district may use parent resource centers or other community-based organizations to foster parental involvement and provide literacy and technology training to parents.
  5. Educate district staff, with the assistance of parents, in ways to work and communicate with parents and to know how to implement parent involvement programs with will promote positive partnerships between the school and parents.
  6. Keep parents informed about parental involvement programs, meetings, and other activities they could be involved in. Such communication shall be, to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can understand.
  7. Find ways to eliminate barriers that work to keep parents from being involved in their child's education. Find and modify other successful parents and community programs to suit the needs of our district.
  8. Train parents to enhance and promote the involvement of other parents.

Each school in the district shall in collaboration with parents establish a Parental Involvement Plan which includes programs and practices that enhances parental involvement and reflect the specific needs of students and their families. The Parental Involvement Plan shall be included in each school’s Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Plan (ACSIP).

The parental involvement program in each school shall:Involve parents of the school and community.

  1. Be comprehensive and coordinated in nature.
  2. Address grade levels and individual needs of the school.
  3. Recognize that communication between home and school should be meaningful and two-way.
  4. Schedule no less than two parent/teacher conferences.
  5. Implement a volunteer plan.
  6. Encourage communication with parents through planned activities and events to include:
    1. Parents Make the Difference Night
    2. Orientation and/or Open house
    3. Elementary and Secondary School activities.
    4. Ensure the availability of resources such as book and magazines.
    5. Recognize parents collectively in local newspaper for conference attendance.
    6. Information/Family Kits
    7. Parent Centers
  7. The principal in each school shall designate one (1) certified staff member that is willing to serve as a parent facilitator. Each building facilitator shall be district paid.
  8. Two hours of parental involvement training shall be required for each member of the teaching staff and three hours for all administrators.
  9. The Department of Education shall monitor each school improvement plan annually. Should it be determined that the district is not in compliance with Act 603, the department shall inform the district in writing indicating any deficiencies in the district’s plan no later than January 1 of each year.

Title I Parental Involvement Plan

To ensure the continued improvement of the district’s parental/community involvement program, the district will conduct an annual review of its parental involvement policies to examine their affect on promoting higher student achievement. The review shall be done by a committee consisting of parents, community members, certified and classified staff, and member(s) of the administration.

To ensure a better understanding of each party’s role in improving student learning, the White Hall School District shall develop jointly with parents a parent/teachers compact that outlines the responsibilities of parents, students, and the school staff in raising student academic achievement and in building the partnerships that will enable students to meet the state’s academic standards.

The district shall convene an annual meeting to reach parents of participating students, to inform parents of the school’s participation in Title I, its requirements regarding parental involvement, and the parent’s right to be involved in the education of their child.

The district shall annually involve parents in reviewing the school’s Title I program and parental involvement policy in order to help ensure their continued improvement.

This policy shall be part of the school’s Title I plan and shall be distributed to parents of the district’s students and provided, to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can understand.

Parental Community , Family and Engagement Interventions

The White Hall School District will provide administrative support and services to implement and manage increased parent, family and community engagement plan designed to improve student achievement.

District administrators will attend three hours of parent involvement training designed to enhance the understanding of effective parent involvement strategies and the importance of setting expectations and creating a climate conducive to parental participation.

District teachers will receive a minimum of two hours of training to enhance their understanding of effective parental involvement strategies as required.

The district will facilitate the selection of one certified staff member as a PARENT INVOLVEMENT FACILITATOR per-campus, who will plan and organize meaningful activities in support of parental involvement in the schools. Each facilitator will receive a DISTRICT PAID STIPEND for assuming duties as stipulated in Act 307 of 2007.

TWO PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE DAYS will be scheduled to accommodate the requirements of Act 307. Following each Parent-Teacher Conference scheduled by the school, each campus will publish in the White Hall Journal a list honoring parents who attended.

The district will facilitate the creation of the "Parent Resource Center" at each school campus, which contains materials and resources that aid parents with student achievement. A VOLUNTEER RESOURCE BOOK will be maintained. A section of the VOLUNTEER RESOURCE BOOK will provide each parent with input that will serve as an ongoing evaluation of the program.

The district will ensure that volunteer opportunities will be made available to all parents. Annually, the district will train volunteers, provide a volunteer handbook of procedures, survey volunteers for specific areas of interest, and each school campus will maintain a Volunteer Resource Book which contains a listing of parent volunteers and hours of accumulated service.

During the fall, a PARENT INVOLVEMENT MEETING will be scheduled at each school campus throughout the district. At this meeting, the Principal will present the school's Annual Report to the Public. Following the Parental Involvement Meeting and Parent-Teacher Conferences scheduled by the school, each campus will publish a list honoring parents who attended.

Each school within the district receiving federal funds will implement the use of a "SCHOOL-PARENT COMPACT" which has been developed jointly with parents of students participating in Title I programs. The compact will outline for parents, school staff, and students the shared responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the home and the school will develop a partnership to help children achieve the State's high standards.

The district's parental involvement assurance policy statement will be included in an "INFORMATIONAL PACKET" provided at each school campus for parents of the district. The packet will include the following: the district's parental involvement assurance policy statement, yearly calendar, student handbook, an introductory letter, refrigerator curriculum for individual grade levels, biographical sketch of teachers, statement of commitment to parent, and all informational materials pertaining to transportation pick-up and delivery procedures, lunch and breakfast information for paid, free, and reduced lunch procedures, student information sheet, student behavior plan, awards recognition plan, insurance forms, discipline policy for school buses, and supply lists.

The district will ensure the creation of a communication system between home and school which is regular, two-way, and meaningful.

The district's "PROCESS" FOR RESOLVING PARENTAL CONCERNS and communicate the process in the district's STUDENT HANDBOOK to parents and patrons of the district.

The district will utilize the Title I Parental Involvement set-aside funds attached to this action to supplement district and state funding used to purchase and implement programs such as Pinnacle, a web-based grade book with parental access; school and classroom websites designed to keep parents informed; and finally SchoolReach a notification system designed to inform parents of upcoming events and/or emergencies delivered over the internet via cell phones, IPads, and/or computers. Staff Development will be provided for successful implementation.

The White Hall School District in collaboration with parents and teachers will develop a district-wide parental involvement plan which addresses the diverse needs of its students and parents. The district will continue to ENABLE AND ENCOURAGE THE EXISTENCE OF PTO/PTA ORGANIZATIONS within the district schools.

The district's "Annual Report To The Public" shall be presented during the September or October board meeting. Each building principal shall present the school's "Annual Report To The Public" during their PTO Openhouse in September.

The district will assist its seven schools to purchase parenting books, magazine and other material regarding responsible parenting through the library, advertise the current selection, and give all parents an opportunity to borrow these materials.

The district's annual CAPs PROGRAM ENSURES THAT PARENTS WILL BE INVOLVED IN DECISION MAKING, course selection, career planning, and preparation for post-secondary opportunities.