Curriculum & Instruction

The White Hall School District provides a Comprehensive Program for a diverse student population with offerings ranging from special education to advanced placement.

The White Hall School District's kindergarten program is well planned and efficiently organized to allow for student differences. Our kindergarten program forms a bridge over which children move from the self-centered world of their homes to the broader world of school. It serves as a center where the student learns to accept and be accepted by others. It helps them to step into their new role as students by combining many aspects of home with the less familiar ones of the elementary school setting. This is an extremely significant year for the children. The experience and learning acquired in our kindergarten program will give each student a good start on their school career. The district’s program includes activities correlated to the state standards, in environmental studies, science and social studies, language arts, mathematics, art, music and physical development. The district’s kindergarten program is standardized throughout the district emphasizing manual dexterity through the use of age appropriate manipulatives, spatial perception, and learning centers.

In addition to the 3 R's, all elementary students are exposed to art, music, and physical education. Special Education Services, Title 1 Reading and Math, is available as needed. Each elementary campus has two computer labs of which supports district approved software and is staffed by a Computer Lab Assistant. Each K-5 classroom contains one computer that is networked thus providing exposure to the Internet.

The district’s middle school, located in White Hall, with an enrollment of approximately 707 students, offer computer programs to accelerate and reinforce educational standards. The Smart Core Curriculum as well as general education courses, Special Education classes, computers, exploratory business classes, keyboarding, an EAST Lab, Science, Spanish, Algebra I, and Pre-Advanced Placement classes in Math, English, History, Geography and Science is offered.

In addition to academia, the students have an array of extra curricular activities to round out their schedules such as Choir, Band, Art, Physical Education, boys’ and girls’ Athletics, Family Consumer Science, Family Work Connections, Computer Technology Introduction (CTI), Computer Business Applications (CBA), Career Orientation (CO), Survey of Fine Arts, Music Appreciation, Oral Communications, Health, JROTC, and Drafting and Design.

White Hall High School houses grades 9 through 12 with an enrollment of approximately 889 students. A comprehensive Smart Core Curriculum of eighty-three (83) offerings includes college prep, vocational-technical, Credit Recovery, general education courses and an EAST Lab, along with Virtual Education Courses designed to provide courses above and beyond what the district can offer. Classes range from remedial to Advanced Placement (AP) in the five core subject areas.

In addition to on-campus classes, a vocational center located at the Arkansas River Educational Service Cooperative offers skills training in agriculture, business, industrial, and medical professions.

The White Hall School System maintains six up-to-date media centers. Each elementary building contains a centrally located media center arranged around a story time stage, individual workstations, and tables for group activities. The media centers are equipped with a professional library, a teacher center, and a mini-computer lab. The middle school and high school media centers have fiction, nonfiction, and reference books available to meet the reading and researching needs of all students. Current bestsellers are added to the collections throughout the school term. On-line searching of the media center’s resources is easily accomplished through an electronic card catalog. Students may also access SIRS Researcher, SIRS Renaissance, and Encarta ’97 on computers located in the media center. The SIRS databases contain thousands of full-text articles, graphics, and maps from more than 1,200 U.S. and international periodicals. Approximately 40 magazines, journals, and newspapers are subscribed through the media center providing current information for reading pleasure or research.

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