1. In an emergency, students should remain calm and quiet and listen for instructions from the bus driver. If the driver is unable to conduct emergency measures, the students should follow the procedures below in leaving the bus:

  2. If the exit is through the front door, students sitting in the front seat to the left of the aisle will move out first, followed by those in the right front seat and proceeding in this manner until all seats are emptied.

  3. If the exit is through the rear emergency door, those students sitting next to the aisle shall leave first, beginning I with those students in the rear of the bus.

  4. If a rapid exit is necessary and it is possible to exit from both doors, students in the rear half of the bus should I move out the back door and those in the front half should move out the front door.

  5. If the bus should be overturned, students should evacuate through windows or through either door.

  6. Upon leaving the bus in an emergency exit, students are to move immediately off the roadway to a safe distance from traffic. They should not cross the road unless instructed by the driver.

  7. In the event of a tornado or other natural disaster, students should follow the instructions of the bus driver regarding emergency procedures.