School Resource Officer (SRO)

Officer Todd & White Hall Middle School

Officer Todd is a full time law enforcement officer with the White Hall Police Department. He has been an officer since 2002, and has been the School Resource Officer for this campus since 2005. Officer Todd focuses on teaching, mentoring, and law enforcement. He is a White Hall & UCA Graduate.

Officer Todd teaches several classes on bullying, cyber & internet safety, sexual harassment, risky behaviors, smoking, drugs & alcohol. He also works with the counselors and student government to coordinate Red Ribbon Activities in October.

Officer Todd has worked closely with Middle School & Senior High Administrators to improve the safety and security for all White Hall Middle School & Senior High campus members. This includes, but is not limited to, installing security cameras and electromagnetc door locks for increased protection and safety.

We want your students to be safe, especially at school. Remember students are to be dropped off in the courtyard area behind the school (using School Street). Students can be supervised and accounted for here. Dropping off or picking up students elsewhere increases the likelihood of accidents or other incidents. Remember that from 3:15-3:45 p.m. it is illegal to make a left turn onto Dollarway Road from Cooper Street. (There are several convicted sex offenders living in this city now.)

Remind students once they arrive on campus (whether by bus, car, walking, etc.) they are not to leave campus for any reason, without letting the office know. Parents who bring lunch for students are not permitted to take it directly to the student. Please leave the food in the reception area for your student.

Loitering on School property. No one is allowed on school property when the campus is closed. The district does not want people playing on their courts, equipment, etc. when school is closed.

Drivers are prohibited from passing a stopped school bus, with its red warning lights on, in any direction.

The use of tobacco products is prohibited on all education campuses in the State of Arkansas( K-College). This includes smokeless tobacco and/or smoking in vehicles.

Buckle Up & Drive Safely.

Police car

Officer Todd may be reached by calling:

White Hall Middle School - (870) 247-2711 during the school day


White Hall Police Department - (870) 247-1415 after school hours