Administration of Medication During School Hours

All medication to be given by school personnel must have a physician's order and a written request from the parent. This includes prescription as well as non-prescription medications. The exceptions are Tylenol, Benadryl and Tums given only with your written consent on the Health Information form completed at registration.

If you are unable to obtain a physician's order and wish your child to receive medication during school hours you may bring the medication and administer it.

Self-administration of medication by Taylor Elementary students is not allowed. All medication must be locked in and dispensed from the School Nurse's office. Teachers are not allowed to keep medication in the classroom for a student.

All medication to be given during school hours must be delivered and picked up by an adult. Medication is not to be in a student's posession at any time with the exception of Epi-pens and Asthma Inhalers. No medication will be given to a student to transport home. A "school bottle" may be obtained from your pharmacist for your convenience.

Prescription Medication must be supplied to school in the container dispensed by the pharmacy which contains the name of the child, name of the prescribing doctor or dentist, name of medication, dosage and time to be given. The pharmacy label is acceptable as the physician's order. The prescription must be current. A signed parent's request must accompany the medication.

Over-the-counter medication must be supplied to the school in the container in which it was purchased. Medication in envelopes, baggies and the like will not be dispensed. An order from your child's physician as well as a signed parent's request must accompany the medication. "Over-the-counter" medication includes but is not limited to ibuprofen, cough medicine, herbal products and food supplements.

If you have any questions regarding the medication policy please call me at 247-1988.

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