Lunch Information and Pricing

We have a new lunch program called My School Bucks. Sign up for your free account today! at www.myschoolbucks.com

Pay for your students meals online it's quick and convenient. You can set up recurring payments, track and review meal history and create low balance alerts.

My School Bucks will accept Discover cards, Visa, Mastercard and Electronic Checks.

Download our mobile app today!

We have a charge account system that works much like a debit card. Students are issued lunch cards with their student ID number. When a student brings money for meals that amount is placed in their account. Each time a student eats breakfast or lunch their card is scanned and the price of the meal is subtracted from the balance in the account.

Payment weekly or monthly, by check, would be greatly appreciated. This will simplify our record keeping and help insure that the proper child receives credit for the payment.

Statements will be sent home for students owing money for meals. Please remember to ask your children for them. Charging is STRONGLY discouraged, your child will be allowed to charge on a limited basis. Students will be served a alternative meal for breakfast and lunch when they are negative $22.50 for full paid students and $ 4.00 for reduced paid students.

Breakfast-$1.00 reduced-.30

Lunch - $2.75 reduced- .40

Parents my have lunch with their children. Please let the office know by 9:30 a.m.

On Thanksgiving and Christmas please let the office know a week before.

A guest meal is $4.00.

Your child may qualify for free or reduced meals. If your child is receiving free meals in another district, you must fill out a new form when your child enrolls in the White Hall School District. If you would like to apply please stop by the office and pick up a form.

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