Health Care Plans

Student Health Care Plans

Why do we need Student Health Care Plans?

Every student enrolled in White Hall School District has a School Health File which is securely stored in the School Nurse's office. All files contain your child's Immunization record, Kindergarten physical form, necessary Health Care Plans and any other medical information pertaining to your child. All health information is confidential and will not be shared with Hardin Elementary faculty or staff unless you wish and you have signed a Consent to Release Information form. That being said, if your child has a life threatening diagnosis such as asthma, diabetes or a severe allergy to food, stings or environmental substances, I strongly urge you to allow this information to be shared with the staff, faculty, bus drivers, etc.

Health Care Plans are a way to better serve a child with health issues in the school setting. This will include a diagnosis and plan of care for day-to-day occurances and an emergency plan, a medication form (if necessary) and consent forms. All Health Care Plans must be ordered and signed by a licensed physician. The purpose for these is to provide continuity of care, especially in the campus nurse's absence. There will be no question of treatment, all information will be contained in the child's School Health File readily available for the responding nurse to access.

All Health Care Plans must be updated annually or as changes occur during the school year.

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