Counselor's Office

It's time to get started on a new year. We are excited to have all of you back, and we want to welcome all of our new Kindergarten students and new students. We hope you find a new home here at Hardin Elementary. I look forward to getting to know each of you during the coming year!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do school Counselors do?

  • Work with individuals and groups
  • Help identify needs of students
  • Encourage better interpersonal relationships
  • Promote positive attitudes and choices
  • Aid teachers and parents in helping students
  • Assist people in making use of community resources
  • Coordinate referrals to outside agencies
  • Assist students with the process of growing up
  • Coordinate efforts with other school programs
  • Provide preventative services

Why do students visit their school counselor?

  • “I’m getting picked on at the bus stop and I don’t know what to do about it.”
  • “My best friend isn’t talking to me and it’s making me really sad.”
  • “I want to show you what I just made in art. I’m very proud of it.”
  • “I’m new to this school, and I’m really scared.”
  • “I just want to talk to someone who won’t laugh at me.”
  • “I did a lot better on my last math test, and I’m so excited to tell someone!”
  • “Lisa, Carol and I had a problem at recess. Can you help us work it out?”

Why do parents contact their school counselor?

Here are just few reasons a parent might want to talk to the School Counselor?

  • “Sarah doesn’t want to go to school in the mornings.”
  • “I’m concerned because Allen keeps telling me he doesn’t have any friends.”
  • “We recently had a death in the family, and I’m not sure how to tell my child.”
  • “Kevin has difficulty going to sleep at night and often has nightmares.”
  • “My wife and I are going through a divorce and we’re not sure how to handle things with the kids.”
  • “Jason seems to get really frustrated doing his homework and nothing I say seems to help.”

Attendance is important!

  • Set a regular bed time and morning routine
  • Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before
  • Find out what time school starts and make sure you have all required shots
  • Don't let you child stay home unless truly sick
  • If your child seems anxious about school, talk to teacher, school counselors, or other parents for advice
  • Avoid vacations when school is in session

Did You Know......

begininng in kindergarten, too may absences can cause childern to fall behind

missing 10% of the year (or about 18 days) can make it harder to learn to read

after 13 absences a student can lose credit for a semester

TASSELTIME!Parents/ Students- Get a jump start on your future!! Go to My Links and read about Tasseltime! White Hall School District has obtained this wonderful tool for all of us to take advantage of. There is information for 3-12 students on preparing for a wonderful, productive life. 

Office Hours:

Hardin Elementary: 7:40 - 11:30

White Hall High School: 12:00- 3:30

Phone number:

Hardin Elementary:501-397-2450

White Hall High School: 870-247-4778 or 247-3255