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    Mrs. Tracie Herring

    2019-2020 Daily Schedule

          1st   Family & Consumer Science

         2nd   Child Development & Parenting

          3rd   Child Development & Parenting

          4th   Prep

          5th   Child Development & Parenting

          6th   Family & Consumer Science

          7th   Family & Consumer Science



    Course Descriptions:




    Course Description: Family and Consumer Science is designed to provide students with basic information and skills needed to function effectively within the family and within a changing, complex society.  Emphasis is given to the development of competencies related  to Family, Career and Community Leaders of America; individual and family relationships; arrangement of personal living space; wardrobe planning and selection; garment care and construction; selection of toys and age-appropriate play activities for children; health and safety procedures related to child care; nutrition and food selection; meal planning, preparation, and service; home management; money management; use of credit and banking services; consumer education; computer use at home, in school, and in the workplace; and career skills.  Upon completion of this course, the student should have  developed basic life skills that promote a positive influence on the quality of life.

    (Year Long Course: Grades 9-12)




    Course Description: Child Development & Parenting focuses on skills needed to guide the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of children. Emphasis is given to the development of competencies related to the study of children, pregnancy and prenatal development, birth and the newborn, types of growth and development, stages of growth and development, needs of children, factors influencing the behavior of children, children with special needs, coping with crises, the effects of technology on child development, and careers related to the area of child development.  Experiences are designed to assist students in developing an understanding of the parenting process and of parenting skills.  Competencies developed in this course will be useful to anyone who lives with, associates with, or works with children.  Emphasis in this course is given to the development of competencies related to the parenthood decision, costs of having and raising a child, the promotion of child growth and development, effects of heredity and environment on development, rights and responsibilities of parents and children, providing nurturance, guidance techniques for promoting positive behavior, prevention of child abuse and neglect, promoting health and safety of children, caring for the sick or injured child, parenting a “special needs” child, helping children cope with crises, choosing professionals to help with parenting problems, selection of child-care services,  and jobs and careers in child and family services.

    (Year Long Course: Grades 10-12)