Guidance Counselor Services

  • The Guidance Counselors and guidance facilities are available to all students from 8:10 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. each day.  Students are assigned to counselors by their last name.  10th-12th grade students with the last names beginning with (A-K) are serviced by Mrs. Powell, and students with last names beginning with (L-Z) are serviced by Mr Lunsford.  Mrs. Allen is the 9th grade counselor.  Individual conferences may be requested by the student or may be initiated by the counselor.  Students needing assistance with personal problems, course selections, graduation requirements or post-educational plans are urged to use this service.  Counselors meet with students in groups and on an individual basis.

     Parents are encouraged to make appointments with counselors concerning student progress and plans.  Parents and students are always welcome to visit the counselors and use the many services provided.

     Information available in the Guidance Department includes educational and vocational reference books; college information, military brochures, technical and business school catalogs; files of current information and applications; scholarship and financial aid applications; registration forms for ACT and SAT.  The counseling services include student profiles from various tests devised to assist the student in making wise educational and occupational choices.

     Important announcements concerning student educational and occupational plans and programs are posted regularly on bulletin boards and in the Guidance Offices.  Weekly announcements are made providing information and opportunities for students to apply for various programs during high school and post-secondary education.

     The Guidance Program, under the direction and coordination of three counselors, is a cooperative effort involving students, parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, community patrons, and counselors.

     The counselors may be contacted by telephone at 247-4778.

      Tracey Powell, Counselor (A - K)

       Eric Lunsford, Counselor (L - Z)

    Amy Allen, 9th grade Counselor

    DJ Stacey Career Coach

        Lindsey McAlister, Guidance Secretary