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      Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 School Year!

      We have made a change to adjust to new times, we will now ask for a contribution from all students of $5.00.  This is to fund their program's activities.  Your $5.00 is used to start up our fundraising activity for the year.  This $5.00 is used to purchase items your student would like, they purchase these items throughout the year.  Profits from their purchases help fund their activitities. By your contribution you are helping to fund everything we do, everywhere we go, everything we host.  This or we are forced to have your student do traditional fund raisers.  We would rather not have your student going to people asking them to buy items from them that they probably wouldn't want/buy if it weren't your student.

      Cadets will wear their uniforms on Mondays.  Even with White Hall High School's no hat policy (none whatsoever once on HS grounds), Cadets are required to and are able to wear their uniform beret.  This will be done with the restriction of while they are inside the HS building, the beret MUST be put away (locker/backpack) and COMPLETELY OUT OF SIGHT.  Once they are on the JROTC bus for class, they can get their berets out. While at the JROTC building for inspection they will wear their beret.  (reminder no beret during inspection is minus 10 points from your inspection/test grade, if this becomes a habit points deducted increases).  Cadets are expected to wear the uniform the entire school day, changing out for PE/practice is allowed, just put it back on at the end of your PE period.  (just like everyone else on any other day: change out of school clothes into PE clothes, do PE, after PE change back)
      We are conducting Physical Education at the HS football field/track or indoors depending upon weather.  We will conduct these sessions on Thursday and Friday, please have your student dress accordingly to include footwear. Some days PE will consist of exercising with a group, sports, or some type of physical activity. An issue that has presented problems for cadets in the past, females please do not wear a skirt or dress and consider your footwear.  Your participation or lack of participation in PE will have an impact upon your grade, please make it a positive one.  Yes, we know things happen (injuries, Dr appts, illnesses, etc) those are taken into consideration.  If your student has physical limitations (temproary or permenate) provide us with a copy of this limitation signed by the Dr.  This Dr's note must include what your child's limitation(s) are and for how long (example:  no running/jumping or walking over 15 minuets for 30 days beginning 13 August 2018.)
    Once the new school year has settled down, we will post to our calendar and or Lesson Plans (Training Schedule) what they will be doing for PE so they can dress accordingly.  They and you will be able to see what they are doing on any given day and plan/dress accordingly. 
      Upcoming JROTC events and team competitions are posted to the JROTC calendar at JROTC Calendar.  This calendar is ever changing as we get invited to new events or they get dropped due to conflicting schedules, so check it at least once a month.  These events include information about what days Cadets are wearing uniforms, which version of the uniform they are wearing, community events White Hall JROTC Cadets are participating in, JROTC competitions (type and location), and some school events. 
    Our JROTC Remind Me numbers are listed on my resources tab. There are Remind numbers for every team we have and JROTC as a whole.  PLEASE sign up for the JROTC one (@WHHSJROTC) and which ever team your student participates with.  Your students will bring home the information on this.