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  • White Hall High School

    700 Bulldog Dr

    White Hall, Ar 71602


    Weight Lifting & Cardio


    Instructor Information:

    Coach Marc Stringer

    Conference Period- 7th period (2:35-3:30)

    Telephone: (870)247-2711




    Required Text/ Material:

    No Text

    Athletic Shoes, shirts and shorts


    Course Description:

    This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn weight training concepts and techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness:  Students will benefit from comprehensive weight training and cardiorespiratory endurance activities.  Students will learn the basic fundamentals of weight training, strength training, aerobic training and overall fitness training and conditioning. Course includes both lecture and activity sessions.  Students will be empowered to make wise choices, meet challenges, and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness and movement activity for a lifetime


    Weightlifting & Cardio Expectations:

    Students will be tested for a base start weight, from this point they will be on a structured program designed to increase their strength beyond their starting base weight.  Students will be tested every 7-9 weeks for progression.  Grades will reflect increases as well as decreases in weights.  Students will also be given their body fat % which we will look at and discuss ways to lower their %.  This class is also centered on building cardio respiratory strength as well; students will be required to take part in cardio days. 


    Classroom Policies:

    We will follow the student handbook.  Consequences will be addressed by severity of the action.  Students are given 5 minutes between classes to reach the fieldhouse, from this point students have 5 minutes to get dressed and arrive at the weight room to begin.  Tardies will be kept and turned into the office for discipline.  Failure to dress will result in lowering of the student’s grade.  Students are required to dress the trainer is the only person who may withhold them from participating. 



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    White Hall High School



    Teacher Name: Marc Stringer


    Subject: Weightlifting and Cardio







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