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    Justin Holt

    White Hall Middle School

    Science Department Head


    Phone: 870-247-2711

    (Feel free to contact me anytime)


    1st Period (8:30-9:20)- 8th Grade PAP Science 

    2nd Period (9:25-10:15)- PREP

    3rd Period (10:20-11:10) - 8th Grade Science

    4th Period (11:15-12:15) - 8th Grade PAP Science

    2nd Lunch  (12:15-12:45)  - LUNCH

    5th Period (12:50-1:40) - 6th Grade PAP Science

    6th Period (1:45-2:35) - 8th Grade PAP Science

    7th Period (2:40-3:30) - 8th Grade Science




    There will be bell work in each class.

    The Pledge of Allegiance will be recited each day along with a moment of silence 1st Period.


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