Welcome to White Hall Middle School!


    Mrs. Kelly Cannon


      School phone 247- 2711   Conference time is 4th Period

    Mrs. Cannon's Class Schedule

    *The pledge will be recited every morning at 8:30. All classes will have a bell assignment to do as soon as they enter the room.  This is done every day.

    Please come to class prepared with all materials.  Be seated immediately and begin bell work. 


    1st Period --(8:30-9:20) Lang. Arts

    2nd Period--(9:25-10:15) Lang. Arts

    3rd Period--(10:20-11:10)  Lang. Arts
    4th Period--(11:15-12:15) Conference Period
    Lunch 12:15-12:45
    5th Period--(12:50-1:40)  Pre AP Lang. Arts
    6th Period--(1:45-2:35)  Pre AP Lang. Arts
    7th Period--(2:40-3:30)  Pre AP Lang. Arts