Miss Green's Daily Class Schedule


    Please follow this link below to complete a Google Form with your contact (parent/guardian) information. 

    LINK:             https://goo.gl/forms/YYWQl4ayq9nOhH723


    1st Period (8:30-9:20)6th Grade Math 

    2nd Period (9:25-10:15) 6th Grade Math 

    3rd Period (10:20-11:10)  6th Grade Pre-AP Math

     Lunch (11:10-11:40)

     4th Period (11:45-12:45) 6th Grade Pre-AP Math

    5th Period (12:50-1:40) 6th Grade Pre-AP Math 

    6th Period (1:45-2:35)   Conference

    7th Period (2:40-3:30) Tools for Learning


    Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

    School Phone Number: (870)247-2711

    My Email: greenj@whitehallsd.org 



    By signing up for my Remind messages, we can stay in better contact about upcoming projects and assignments. 
    PreAP Math: Text  @cfae2b  to 81010

    Gen. Math: Text @8eka92 to 81010


    The link below will take you to Khan Academy's Illustrative Math home page. The examples and practice problems go right along with our curriculum, Open Up Resources. Please encourage your student to use this website if they need help with a topic being taught in class.

    LINK:    https://www.khanacademy.org/math/illustrative-math