• If you are unable to use Google Classroom, you may visit the AMI Assignments page on my website and print the assignments or visit our office beginning April 1st. 

    Due to unforseen circumstances, it looks as if we will be utilizing our Google Classroom a little longer! I will continue posting assignments, adding links, and live feed to each classes' Google Classroom. All of my students have been utilizing this all year and are familiar with how it works and their needed passwords. Because this is going on a bit longer than expected, each day will include bellwork and classwork. Both are required! If students are having trouble getting on their classroom, they should:

    1.  type www.google.com on any browser

    2.  sign in using firstname.lastname@whitehallsd.org (unless their email is different)

    3. Enter password

    4. Click on appropriate classroom

    The stream on Google Classroom builds, therefore the most recent will be at the top. Please scroll down to find any missed assignments.

    The stream on Google Classroom is open for comments. If at anytime you need help, please feel free to comment on the appropriate assignment or email me! 



    REMEMBER: This situation does not define us, it's how we rebound from it that shows are true strenghth and character! We are in this together and will come out stronger than ever! :)

    If for any reason you are now unable to access Google Classroom or do not have internet service, paper assignments will be available in our office at the Middle School beginning Wednesday, April 1st.  

     Welcome to White Hall Middle School! 

    I will be teaching 8th grade Language Arts, 8th grade PreAP Language Arts, and 7th grade Language Arts. I am also the Dance Team coach. I have been teaching 15 years.  I spent 12 of those years at Moody Elementary. This is my 3rd year here! I received my National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification in 2015. I really look forward to getting to know you all! It's going to be a wonderful year!  ***Please refer to the side subpages for all important information.

    Mrs. Burchett's Class Schedule
    8:30-9:20- 7th Grade Language Arts
    9:25-10:15- Conference Period
    10:20-11:10- 8th Grade Language Arts
    11:15-12:15- 8th Grade Language Arts
    12:15-12:45- LUNCH
    12:50-1:40- 8th Grade Pre AP Language Arts
    1:45-2:35- 8th Grade PreAPLanguage Arts
    2:40-3:30- 7th Grade Language Arts
    Michele Burchett, NBCT
    7th & 8th Grade Language Arts, WHMS Dance Coach
    White Hall Middle School


    If it doesn't CHALLENGE you, it can't CHANGE you.