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    Welcome to Art

    with Mrs. Saoud!

    Every student at Taylor comes to art for 50 minutes a week...

    ... about 37 art lessons per school year.  This adds up to about 30 hours of total art instruction per student for the year.


    In the art room, we learn about famous artists.  We look at the globe to find where the artists lived, and we use our math skills to find out how old they are.  We learn to use our imagination, plan things out, solve problems, solve MORE problems, and communicate using art.

    The elements and principles of art are the basis for each lesson.  We use them every day!  We also learn how to make our artwork with different materials, like pencils, oil pastels, crayons, color pencils, scissors & glue, chalk pastels, watercolor paint, earth clay, modeling dough, printmaking, and even papier mache.





    You can view our school art gallery online!