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  • Mrs. Estes' Speech Therapy Class

    Chances are, if you can read the above title aloud with little to no difficulty, you do not need to attend speech therapy.  However, for students ages 3 years through grade 12, speech therapy is a  special education service provided by the public school as part of a free and appropriate education.  As a speech pathologist for White Hall School District, I specifically work with students on the Taylor Elementary Campus and the White Hall Junior High School Campus. I also help teachers gain access to information, materials,  and alternative ways of helping students in the classroom who may not qualify for direct speech therapy services.

    If you believe your student is having difficulty with communication skills you may want to talk to the classroom teacher about a speech/language screening. A student who has difficulty with any of the following skills may be experiencing a communication or speech/language problem.

    • Difficulty producing correct sounds when speaking
    • Difficulty producing complete, appropriate, and grammatically correct sentences
    • Difficulty understanding and answering questions
    • Difficulty following directions presented orally
    • Difficulty participating in the group
    • Stuttering
    • Breathy, hoarse, or poor quality voicing
    • Difficulty hearing