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     Mrs. Howard's Class


    Please remember to send snacks! 


    We have P.E on Thursday and Friday.  Remember to wear tennis shoes on Thursday and Friday of each week.





     Reading Wonders Unit 6 Week 2

    What Happens in Different kinds of Weather?

    Letter Kk 



    Your child will bring home a folder each night.  Please take time to look at his/her papers and behavior chart.  You must sign and return the folder each day.  This will be your daily communication with the teacher.  You are an important part of your child's education!


    Please remember to send snacks the first of each month.




    Daily Schedule

    Sally Howard



    7:50-8:20          Interventions                                                     30 min.

    8:20-8:35          Familiar Reading Baskets                                  15 min

    8:35-9:00          Calendar Math, Modeled Writing                        25 min.

    9:00-10:50        Reading Block (Reading Skills, Unit Study, Reading Centers) 110 min.

    10:50-11:10      Nutritional Intake/Lunch                                     20 min.    

    11:10-11:30      Large Motor Activity/Recess                               20 min.

    11:30-12:00      Culminating Activity (one-on-one intervention)     30 min

    12:00-12:40      Math Block                                                        40 min.

    12:40-1:00        Writing/Journals                                                20 min.

    1:00-1:40          Reading Centers/Reading Groups                      40 min.

    1:40-1:50          Read Aloud/Snack                                             10 min.

    1:50-2:15          Large Motor Activity/Recess                               20 min.

    2:15-3:05          Activity Time (Mon. music, Tues. Media/Library, Wed. Art, Thurs. P.E., Fri. P.E.) 50 min.

    3:05-3:20 Arkansas History                                               15 min


    Please practice name writing every night!  Remember to begin with a capital letter and practice correct letter formation.



    Skills To Practice on:

    Write your First name using a capital letter and the rest lower case letters.

    Can you identify the letters in the alphabet?

    Can you write a sentence? Beginning it with a capital letter and ending with period?

    Practice writing numerals 0 to 100.

    Count to 100 by one's, five's, and ten's?

    Count backward from 20.

    Recognize to numerals 0 to 20 and sets to 20.

    Can you do rhyming words?

    Practice your alphabet letters or the words in your envelope each night and bring the envelope back to school each day.

    Do you know the sounds of the all the letters?

    Do you know the solid shapes: cube, cylinder, cone, and sphere?


    These are the skills your child should have mastered by the end of the third nine weeks.  He or she should be able to:

    Recognize all the alphabet letters out of order--capital and lower case. (47 in one minute)

    Know the sounds of all the letters which include the long and short sound of the vowels-a,e,i,o,u.

    Recognize the 52 Kindergarten sight word list (the ones in their individual envelopes).

    Recognzie numerals 0 to 40.

    Write the numerals to at least 40 if not all the way to 100.

    Count to 100 by one's [with no skips or help changing tens], five's and ten's.

    Know the quantity of numbers 0 to 20.

    Understand simple addition.

    Can write a simple sentence using a capital at the beginning, spacing between words, and a period at the end.  


    Computer Links to Success



      If you would like to come to our class to read to us, Please contact your teacher to schedule a time. 

    We would love to have you.     

    *** Moody is collecting Box Tops for Education.  Please save these and send them to your child's classroom.  We are also collecting coke tabs.   Thank you.             




    We are recycling newspaper at Moody. Please bring your newspapers to the recycling bin at the bus ramp side of the building.  Help save our environment.