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  • Resource Special Education primarily serves students who have been identified with Specific Learning Disabilities in one or more of the areas of reading, written expression, and/or math. Many of these students also have difficulty remaining attentive to their lessons. While these students may attend a resource class for reading or math, they attend science, social studies, activity classes, lunch and recess with their grade level peers.

    Reading and Spelling in resource special ed. are taught using Academic Language Therapy and Intensive Phonological Awareness. These programs are direct
    multi-sensory instruction of phonics. My students participate in the Accelerated Reading program. They are given books on their reading level in ordered to achieve their goal. They also read books from the library or from home which are in their Zip Zone.  Zip Zones are determined by the Star Reading Test and posted on their ACR folder in my classroom.

    Math students are taught math using a visual tactile method known as Touch Math. This is ideal for students who have difficulty "memorizing fact". It facilitates the understanding of numbers and operations.  Students participate in the Accelerated Math program. This is a computer generated program which gives students practice and reinforcement of math concepts taught from the math curriculum.

    All students are required to have and maintain an assignment book or folder. Parents are asked to check it daily for communications from your child's teachers and to assist with homework completion.

    Every reasonable attempt will be made to ensure that our web pages are educationally sound and do not contain links to any questionable material or anything that can be deemed in violation of the White Hall School District policies and procedures.