Mrs. Ricci's Speech Corner

Speech Therapy Information

  • 2019-2020 School Year


    Mrs. Ratliff provides speech therapy at Moody Elementary.  Students attend speech classes from two to three times weekly. Each class period ranges from 30-45 minutes in length.  Class size in speech therapy varies from one to four students per class, based on severity and need.  Please feel free to contact Mrs. Ratliff with questions or concerns.  You may call the school (870) 247-4363, come by or e-mail Mrs. Ratliff @


    A child who has difficulty with the following skills may  be a candidate for a speech and/or language screening:

     1. has difficulty producing sounds when speaking

    2  does not use complete sentences

    3.  has poor sentence structure

    4.  has difficulty answering/asking questions or responding orally

    5.  has difficulty following oral directions

    6.  stutters

    7.  difficulty hearing

     Referrals are usually made to the speech pathologist by the classroom teacher, however parents are also able to make a referral.  When the speech pathologist receives a referral from the classroom teacher, a screening tool is used to determine if further testing is needed.  Parents are contacted to discuss the possible need for further testing.  A child must pass a vision and hearing screening to ensure that the problem is a speech/language difficulty and not a vision or hearing problem.  A conference is then arranged to discuss the need for further testing.  If testing is necessary, the student will receive a complete speech and language evaluation based on the area of need.  When testing is completed, a committee will meet, along with the parents to discuss the results of the evaluation as well as to determine the best possible programming and placement to meet the child's needs.