Mrs. Melissa Vernor's Home Page

  • Hello Parents!

    Welcome to our classroom web page!  This is a very exciting way for me to keep you informed of your child's activities at school.  I will make every attempt to keep everything fresh and up-to-date.  I hope you enjoy navigating the information, and please let me know if there is information I could add that would be more helpful to you.


    Moody Kindergarten 

     Mrs. Vernor's Class

      Remember to wear tennis shoes on Monday and Wednesday of each week.















































    Homework Folders

    Your child will bring home a folder each night.  Please take time to look at his/her papers and behavior chart.  You must sign and return the folder each day.  This will be your daily communication with the teacher.  You are an important part of your child's education!

    Please remember to send snacks the first of each month.



    Please practice name writing every night! Remember to begin with a capital letter and practice correct letter formation.


    Skills To Practice on:

    Write your first name using a capital letter and the rest lower case letters.

    Can you identify the letters in the alphabet?

    Can you write a sentence? Beginning it with a capital letter and ending with period?

    Practice writing numerals 0 to 10.

    Can you count to 100 by one's, five's, and ten's?

    Count backward from 10.

    Recognize to numerals 0 to 10 and sets to 10.

    Can you do rhyming words?

    Practice your alphabet letters or the words in your envelope each night and bring the envelope back to school each day.

    Do you know the sounds of the all the letters?

    Do you know the basic shapes: circle, square, rectangle, diamond, triangle?




    Computer Links to Success












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