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  •                          Welcome to Kindergarten

         I look forward to working with your child this year and hope we can always have an open line of communication so we make this school year a success for everyone.  As we get off to a great first year at Hardin Elementary, I would like to share some things that are expected of everyone.

         Please make sure that you have purchased a red folder from the school.   It is my way to communicate with parents each day.  I check the red folder first thing each morning and I ask that you check and sign the red folder each night.  If you are sending me a note or lunch money, put money in an envelope or zip lock, and send in the folder.  I will put all finished work, school notes, and behavioral reports, and homework in the red folder.

          School boxes with students school supplies will not be allowed to leave the classroom.  It's a good idea to have pencils, glue. scissors and crayons at home for any missed work or homework that has to be done at home.



    Kim Bulloch

     Our Class Rules  

    • No tattling                                                  
    • Mind all teachers                                         
    • Be quiet in building

    • Don't talk when the teacher is talking.

    • Walk in building

    • Keep hands and feet to yourself