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    Dear Parents,

    I am so pleased to have the opportunity to work with your child this school year. In order to make this year run smoothly, I would like to inform you of a few rules and procedures. There are several; here they are in no particular order.

    You will be allowed to walk your child into the building for no more than 2 days.  If they need assistance getting to the doors, the safety patrol officers will assist them.

    If your child arrives at school after 8:20 or leaves before 3:20, you will have to come into the office and sign them in or out.

    Afternoon car riders are picked up in front of the school in the rider’s last name begins with A-L, and riders with last names beginning with M-Z are to be picked up at the back of the school near the playground. Please display your child’s name poster in the front window of your vehicle.

    It is very important that your child be at school every day and on time. Missed school means missed concepts that may keep your child from promoting to first grade.

    Please send lunch money (or any other money) to school in an envelope marked with your child’s name, what the money is for, and the amount enclosed.

    Because we eat lunch rather early (10:50), we will have a snack each afternoon. Please send a packaged snack each day for your child only; no drinks.

    Please make sure that your child has the needed supplies from the school supply list.

    Red folders will be sent home each Monday. Please review the papers with your child, and sign and return the red folder on Tuesday.

    Please check your child’s backpack daily for any notes that we might send home.

    If your child breaks any rules or gets in trouble, the teachers will write a behavior slip that will be sent home that day; it must be signed and returned the next day.

    Your child will have a standing homework assignment each night to review the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, numbers, colors, and shapes. Occasionally an additional assignment may be sent home.

    Your child will be tested at the beginning and end of the school year as well as at each of the nine-week quarters. You will be given a list of what is tested for each period. It is important for you to review with your child daily.

    We do not teach your child to tie their shoes, nor snap and zip their pants. They should be able to open their own snacks.

    Please check our web pages often (www.whitehallsd.org), and feel free to contact us during the day via email.

    We know that this seems like a lot of information, but good communication is important to making this a great year for your child.

    Thank you!

    Monica Day         daym@whitehallsd.org


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Mrs. Monica Day

1990 Graduate from University of Louisiana - Monroe with a Bachelors'  degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education

1992 Graduate from University of West Alabama with a Master's degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education

I have taught since January 1991 in Alabama and Arkansas

Married since 1990

Mother to one child

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