White Hall School District Special Education - Betty Lacy, LEA Supervisor

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    The White Hall School District's Special Education Program provides a variety of educational services to students in grades K-12, who have been identified as having a primary handicapping condition and requiring special programming. The District’s philosophy is to provide an appropriate education for children in the least restrictive environment and to integrate the student to the maximum extent possible with non-handicapped children. 

     The White Hall School District Special Education Department does an excellent job in providing services to its students.  A variety of least restrictive environments and service are considered for placement. The district contracts with occupational and physical therapy service providers, utilizes self-contained and resource settings and practices co-teaching and inclusion.  Special education and classroom teachers work collaboratively to ensure maximum success for all students. Staff development opportunities are designed to meet the needs of both special education and regular classroom teachers and their students. 

     The White Hall School Districts employs nine (9) resource and six (6) self-contained teachers, five (5) speech pathologists and six (6) paraprofessionals.

     For more information about our Special Education Program, contact White Hall's Special Education Supervisor at 247-3698.

     Betty Lacy
    Special Education Supervisor
    (870) 247-3698 

    Cappi MorganSecretary to Special Education Supervisor
    (870) 247-3698

    Dorothy Welch
    Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction,  Federal Programs, Section 504 Coordinator

    870-247-2196 (OFFICE)
    870-247-3707 (FAX)