8th Grade Science Syllabus

  • Course Syllabus 8th Grade Science

    Teacher:      Coach Arcement, Room 272

    Conference: 2nd Period 9:22-10:00am

    Email:          arcementd@whitehallsd.org

    Phone:                   247-2711

    Webpage:    http://www.whitehallsd.org/webpages/arcement

    Textbook: Glencoe Science 2005

    DescriptionThis is an integrated course involving Life Science, Physical Science, Earth/Space Science, and The Nature of Science.   Life Science involves the life cycles, reproduction, and heredity of living things. Physical Science will include the properties of matter, motions/forces, and energy/transfer of energy in our physical world. Earth/Space Science will focus on the system and history of Earth, along with an introduction of the effects of objects in the universe. Math and Language skills will also be integrated in analyzing and interpreting data.


    Expectations: Each student will be required to keep a Science journal for this class. Students will need a composition notebook for this purpose.  Students will also need a pocket folder for handouts, tests, etc.  Please use both of these items for Science class only.  Students are expected to be on time for class, have all materials, and to begin working on the bell assignment before the bell rings each day.

    Grades: Grades will be based on student performance on class work, homework, TLI interim assessments, teacher- made tests, chapter tests, classroom lab activities, assigned projects, journal entries, nine week tests, and semester tests.

    Grading Scale: 100-90 (A) 89-80 (B) 79-70 (C) 69-60 (D) 59 & below (F)

    Materials: 1 composition notebook, 1 pocket folder, notebook paper, pencils, red pens

    Make-up Work: Regular school attendance is necessary for academic success. Students are responsible for turning in make-up work in a timely manner. Failure to complete assignments on time will result in the student receiving a zero. The policies listed in the Student Handbook will be followed.


    White Hall Middle School--Student Science Laboratory Safety Contract


    I agree to:


    Act responsibly at all times in the laboratory.


    Follow all instructions, orally and in writing, by my teacher.


    Perform only those activities assigned and approved by my teacher.


    Protect my eyes, face, hands, and body by wearing proper clothing and using


    protective equipment provided by my school.


    Carry out good housekeeping practices as instructed by my teacher.


    Know the location of safety and first aid equipment in the laboratory.


    Notify my teacher immediately of an emergency.


    NEVER work alone in the laboratory.


    NEVER eat or drink in the laboratory unless instructed to do so by my



    Handle living organisms or preserved specimens only when authorized by my

    teacher, and the, with respect.


     NEVER enter or work in a supply area unless instructed to do so and

    supervised by my teacher.



    I, ____________________________________,[ print name] have read each of the

    statements in the Student Science Laboratory Safety Contract and understand these

    safety rules. I agree to abide by the safety regulations and any additional written or

    verbal instructions provided by the school district or my teacher. I further agree to

    follow all other written and verbal instructions given in class.



    ___________________________________________________ ___________

    Student Signature Date


    ___________________________________________________ ___________

    Parent/Guardian Signature Date