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Mrs. Kerri Akines, PE Teacher
  • Welcome to my Title 1 Math website!

    I am the Title 1 Math Support Teacher at Taylor Elementary.  I work with small groups in my classroom and also provide whole group instruction in specific grades.

    Be sure to check out my LINKS for great math websites.  They provide wonderful practice for your child right in your own home!


  • Discipline Plan


    I will listen when someone is talking.

     I will raise my hand before speaking.

    I will follow directions quickly.

    I will treat others with kindness and respect.

    I will pick up after myself.

    I will always do my best.



    First Offense = warning and redirection

    Second Offense = note to teacher/parent

    Third Offense = sent back to class

    Repeat Offender = phone call to parent or a conference with teacher/parent

    Severe behavior will result in immediately going back to class.

    Consistent disruption may result in dismissal from the Title I math group if all the above measures have been exhausted.